John 5 Picks The Best Metallica Album

John 5

In a recent interview with Radioactive MikeZ, the former Rob Zombie and current Mötley Crüe guitarist, John 5, was posed with the choice between Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘Ride The Lightning,’ and he unequivocally favored the former. Offering insight into his preference, he highlighted the exceptional production quality of ‘Master Of Puppets,’ emphasizing its … Read more

Soundgarden’s ‘Fell on Black Days’ in Style of Alice In Chains

Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, prominent figures from the explosive Seattle scene in the early ’90s, share the spotlight despite their distinct stylistic differences. A musician, Steve Welsh, has undertaken the unique challenge of reinterpreting Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days” in the unmistakable style of Alice In Chains, capturing the essence with remarkable precision. Debates … Read more

Deftones Almost Changed Their Name for a Record Deal


Deftones’ trajectory in the music industry nearly took a divergent turn when the band reportedly contemplated altering their iconic name to secure a contract with Roadrunner Records. The intriguing revelation comes from Monte Conner, who, during his tenure at Roadrunner, disclosed that the label presented the band with a contract, contingent on the willingness to … Read more

Neil Peart’s Final Book, ‘Silver Surfers’, Due In May

Neil Peart

Scheduled for release on May 7, 2024, “Silver Surfers” by Insight Editions emerges as the poignant swan song of Neil Peart, the late and revered drummer of the iconic band RUSH. Unveiling a final testament to his enduring affection for classic automobiles, the book provides an intimate glimpse into Peart’s lifelong fascination with cars, weaving … Read more

IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Says His Cancer Battle Changed His View Of Life And Death


Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of IRON MAIDEN, recently talked with Sweden’s SVT about his upcoming solo album “The Mandrake Project,” which BMG is set to release on March 1. The majority of the album’s recording was done at Los Angeles’s Doom Room, with Bruce Dickinson’s longtime collaborator and producer Roy “Z” Ramirez serving as both … Read more

Bruce Dickinson: Iron Maiden Was ‘Better’ Than Metallica

Bruce Dickinson

Two of the best bands to ever come out of the heavy metal genre are London, England’s Iron Maiden, and Los Angeles, California’s Metallica. Each band has created a variety of intriguing and exciting songs throughout their careers, enjoying enormous success on a global scale. Which is superior, though? Naturally, it is a trick question, … Read more