Sebastian Bach Thought ‘The 80s Musician’ Label Was An Insult To Him

Sebastian Bach, known for his explosive presence in ’80s rock, recently shared his thoughts on being labeled as an ’80s musician during his guest appearance on Sound Up! with Mark Goodman and Alan Light. Initially, Bach felt boxed in and somewhat belittled by the constant reference to the 1980s:

“For a long time, being called an ’80s musician felt like a slight. Every mention of the ’80s would irk me. Yes, I debuted in ’89, and my journey continued into the ’90s. The endless ’80s references grew tiresome, and I saw them as derogatory.”

Bach’s outlook evolved after delving into the words of one of his musical heroes, Neil Young. He shared:

“Neil Young, whom I deeply admire for his music and wisdom, once expressed his own frustrations about being pegged as a ’70s songwriter. This struck a chord with me. Reflecting on Neil’s words, I realized the absurdity of my annoyance. The ’70s were an incredible era, and if Neil Young could embrace his roots, why couldn’t I?”

In a conversation on the My 3 Questions To podcast with Jonathan Montenegro, Bach reminisced about the music industry’s heyday in the late ’80s and early ’90s:

“What I miss dearly is the music industry of old, which has now been overshadowed by social media’s dominance. The ritual of browsing a record store for hours, making those tangible music choices, is a lost art. Today’s instant access to all music at the push of a button lacks the personal investment we once had.”

Bach is eagerly anticipating the launch of his new solo album, ‘Child Within the Man,’ set for release on May 10. The album showcases collaborations with notable guitarists like John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi. Following the album’s release, Bach is planning a tour across Latin and North America, including solo shows and festival gigs, promising a thrilling series of performances for fans.

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