Jon Bon Jovi Sends A Message To Richie Sambora: ‘Door Would Always Be Open’

Jon Bon Jovi has expressed his willingness to collaborate once again with Richie Sambora, his former bandmate.

In a recent discussion with Audacy Check In, while promoting Bon Jovi’s forthcoming album ‘Forever,’ and the Hulu documentary ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,’ Jon was asked about the possibility of reuniting with the band’s ex-guitarist for a special performance. He responded:

“The door is always open for Richie. There’s no bad blood between us. He chose to leave 11 years ago for personal reasons, unrelated to the band. We’ve continued to tour and create music without him. Nevertheless, there’s nothing but love from our side. Richie has focused on his personal life and if he ever decides to join us for a gig, he knows he’s welcome. He knows our songs and there’s absolutely no resentment.”

Jon Bon Jovi also shared that there has been no communication between him and Sambora for some time.

This detail came to light as they both contributed to the new Bon Jovi documentary. Jon noted that they didn’t interact during the making of the film. When asked if they had spoken about the documentary, Jon clarified:

“We haven’t exchanged a single word. The documentary’s direction was led by [director] Gotham Chopra without any influence from us. It’s an honest portrayal, not a controlled narrative. Richie was interviewed in London, independently of me. We haven’t even discussed it afterward.”

Jon emphasized that their lack of communication doesn’t stem from animosity; they’ve simply gone their separate ways.

Alongside the documentary, Bon Jovi is preparing to release a new album called ‘Forever’ on June 7, with its lead single ‘Legendary’ already available. Jon Bon Jovi delved into the essence of the album and the single, reflecting on his priorities and inspirations:

“At this stage, what’s important to me is enjoying life with friends, writing songs freely, and living life on my terms. ‘Legendary’ is also a tribute to my wife, my steadfast supporter, hinted with a nod to Van Morrison. At 62, these are the moments and people that define me.

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