Kirk Hammett Thinks The End Of Metallica Would Be The End Of Music

In a recent chat with American Songwriter, Kirk Hammett shed light on where Metallica stands in the music scene today, as well as their vision moving forward. The lead guitarist shared:

“As the band grows, I see that as a positive sign. Our aim is to continue creating music that unites and supports our fans. This mission has transcended beyond mere status, financial gains, or any trivial rivalry. It’s about crafting a culture that uplifts and motivates people, helping them navigate through their daily lives.”

Hammett boldly stated that the end of Metallica would signify the end of music itself, elaborating:

“This journey is ongoing, without a foreseeable end. Claiming ‘the end of Metallica’ would be akin to declaring the end of music, which is unimaginable. Music is a fundamental necessity, and we’re grateful to be part of it.”

James Hetfield, on the topic of retirement, offers a unique perspective. In 2015, through the band’s fan club newsletter and reported by NME, Hetfield remarked that the concept of retirement is alien to musicians. He believes Metallica will keep making music as long as they are physically capable, stating:

“Musicians don’t retire; they simply fade from the limelight. But that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped creating. Music is ingrained in who I am and my purpose on this earth. Stopping would mean losing a part of myself. There’s no such thing as retirement for us. We’ll keep going as long as we physically can.”

The members of Metallica are united in their belief: their passion for making music for their fans is what will keep them going, even after more than four decades in the industry.

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