Ex-Slipknot Singer Records New Version Of ’Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’: ‘It’s Dedicated To Joey And Paul’

Anders Colsefni, the original frontman for Slipknot, has reimagined the band’s debut album, ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’, as a heartfelt homage to the departed members, Joey Jordison and Paul Gray. This tribute was shared with fans via Blabbermouth.

Colsefni expressed his intentions, stating:

“I’ve dedicated this album to Joey [Jordison] and Paul [Gray], my forever brothers. This effort is a way to preserve their spirit within the original Crowz era. It’s a gift to the Maggot community, ensuring the legacy of the ‘KNOT lives on. Losing them has left a void, but I hope this homage reflects the bond and the memories we shared. The ‘KNOT’s spirit endures.”

The album first hit the scene on Halloween in 1996, quickly becoming a legend in its own right. With its limited release and absence from digital platforms, it has been regarded as a rare gem, a “holy grail” for Slipknot enthusiasts. This debut was the starting point of what would become a monumental path in the realm of heavy metal.

The journey to recreate the album kicked off following a tour in Australia and New Zealand with Kaosis, who also helped in performing the album. The recording took place across New Zealand and Iowa, managing to stay faithful to the original sound while infusing new elements into the music.

Aside from bringing ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.’ to new ears, Colsefni is working on reviving his band Painface’s discography and launching a new EP. Additionally, a European tour with Kaosis is on the horizon. The awaited re-release is scheduled for March 15, via Blood Blast Records and Rail Records, finally making the album readily available to fans who’ve long awaited its wider availability.

The project has garnered enthusiasm from the music community, including Slipknot’s own Corey Taylor, who, despite being unable to attend the album’s live renditions, has expressed his support and confidence in the project’s success.

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