Machine Gun Kelly Replaced Nickelback As The World’s Most Hated Musician, Mike Kroeger Says

Mike Kroeger of Nickelback recently shared his thoughts on the band’s reputation and its shift in the music world during an interview with NME for their ‘Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!’ segment. When discussing the band’s once notorious title as the most disliked band, Kroeger pointed out a change in the music industry’s pecking order based on Corey Taylor’s observation about another group taking over Nickelback’s infamous spot.

Kroeger identified Imagine Dragons as the successors to this unwelcome title and added that, in his view, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has since become the focal point of criticism:

“It seems Machine Gun Kelly has unfortunately inherited this dubious distinction, facing harsh criticism from the media. It’s astounding how quickly public opinion can turn on someone, regardless of their actions. I’m not entirely sure what sparked this shift, but it appears MGK is now the one under scrutiny.”

Machine Gun Kelly has been at the center of controversy for various reasons, facing backlash from fellow artists and fans alike.

One major point of contention was MGK’s partnership with Schecter to release a custom guitar shaped like a razor blade. Critics accused him of glamorizing self-harm, while others simply found the design unappealing. Olli Appleyard of Static Dress was among the detractors expressing dislike for the design.

MGK’s latest tattoo has also stirred controversy. Covering most of his upper body, he stated the tattoo was for “spiritual purposes only,” yet this did not shield him from criticism, with some accusing him of attempting to alter his racial appearance.

Furthermore, MGK’s genre switch from rap to rock has been met with skepticism and negative remarks about his musical direction and style, demonstrating the challenging landscape of public opinion in the music industry.

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