VAN HALEN Engineer On Eddie Van Halen’s Alleged Favoritism In Wolfgang’s Rise Over Michael Anthony

In a recent interview conducted by Anthony Marinelli, the seasoned engineer Ross Hogarth delved into the intriguing dynamics surrounding the inclusion of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, into the iconic band, Van Halen, effectively replacing the former bassist, Michael Anthony.

Hogarth shed light on the profound bond and inherent musical connection between Eddie Van Halen and his son, Wolfgang, emphasizing the natural synergy that existed between the two:

“I’ll be direct and honest about it. Everyone who knows Michael Anthony recognizes what an awesome guy he is, a truly beautiful soul. Despite the apparent animosity, the truth is, for any father whose child shares a passion for music, one of Eddie’s greatest joys was making music with his son.”

He went on to highlight that one of Wolfgang’s greatest sources of happiness was creating music alongside his father. Hogarth pointed out the poignant reality that these precious moments would never have materialized if Eddie had adhered to the classic lineup with Michael Anthony.

Exploring the transition period during which Wolfgang stepped into Michael Anthony’s role, Hogarth underlined the organic nature of the shift, driven by familial bonds and a shared love for music:

“While many longed for the return of Michael Anthony alongside David Lee Roth in the original Van Halen lineup, the motivation was as simple as, ‘I want to play music with my kid.’ I won’t delve deeper into the intricacies, but being witness to that beautiful joy—Uncle Al playing music with his nephew, and Ed finding solace in making music with his son—it’s something special. There’s a unique harmony in family collaborations; a sound that you simply can’t replicate otherwise. When those guys played together, there was a certain adhesive quality that wouldn’t have been achieved through any other means.”

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