‘This F***ing Kid’: David Lee Roth is Seriously Pissed at Wolfgang Van Halen

In a recent twist of rock drama, David Lee Roth, the iconic vocalist of Van Halen, has taken to the airwaves with another candid recording, this time aiming his banter at Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen and current frontman for Mammoth WVH. Roth, known for his colorful storytelling, delves into anecdotes and grievances about the younger Van Halen in a roughly five-minute-long YouTube video titled “This Crazy Kid…”

Setting the stage, Roth begins by recounting instances where Wolfgang complained during their tours, alleging that he wasn’t receiving enough attention on stage. According to Roth, Wolfgang aired his grievances to various individuals surrounding Roth, including the business manager, security personnel, and even the clothing lady.

One specific incident Roth highlights occurred during a Van Halen show in New York. According to Roth, Wolfgang took it upon himself to enlist a pair of monkeys to eject two female guests that Roth had invited to the show. Roth chuckles as he reveals that Wolfgang was unaware that the dismissed ladies were employees of the accounting firm representing Wolfgang himself, not Roth. Roth adds a playful jab, noting that, just like his uncle and his uncle’s brother, Wolfgang allegedly stiffed them for tickets.

Another tale Roth shares takes us to Van Halen’s 2015 Hollywood Bowl show, where, as the band was gearing up for “Ice Cream Man,” another female guest of Roth was reportedly subjected to “the walk of shame” and instructed to leave the building, allegedly due to Wolfgang’s intervention. Roth emphasizes that this guest, in addition to being an accountant, was carrying paychecks for the entire road crew and cash bonuses for everyone present.

In his characteristic storytelling fashion, Roth weaves these incidents into an entertaining narrative, shedding light on the dynamics within the Van Halen camp. To hear Roth’s firsthand accounts and humorous take on these situations, the audio recording is available for listening below.

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