METAL CHURCH Cancels All 2024 Tour Dates Due To Injury

Regrettably, Metal Church has had to call off its entire roster of live performances for the year 2024 due to an ongoing back injury afflicting its guitarist, Kurdt Vanderhoof. The band had ambitious plans to embark on a tour throughout the year, aiming to promote their latest album, “Congregation Of Annihilation.”

This unforeseen development has undoubtedly disappointed fans eagerly anticipating the live experience. Nevertheless, the primary focus now is on wishing Vanderhoof a swift and complete recovery, with the hope that Metal Church will make a triumphant return to the stage when the circumstances allow.

In a personal message to their devoted fans, Kurdt Vanderhoof candidly shared insights into the challenges he has been facing. He disclosed that keen observers might have noticed his intermittent retreat to the side of the stage during performances, where he continued to play from a seated position. This, he explained, was a consequence of a persistent back issue that he had postponed addressing for an extended period.

In a heartfelt letter posted on Metal Church’s social media platforms, Vanderhoof expressed his determination to confront this long-standing ailment head-on. He outlined his decision to undergo the necessary treatment to ensure a full recovery, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue promptly to resume live performances in the future. Despite the disappointment of canceling all scheduled shows for 2024, Vanderhoof extended his sincere apologies to fans and urged them to contact their local venues for information regarding refunds.

Acknowledging the ongoing support of their dedicated fanbase, Vanderhoof conveyed his gratitude and optimism for the future. The band, collectively, is eagerly anticipating the day when they can once again take the stage and deliver the electrifying performances that Metal Church is renowned for.

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