Alex Van Halen Breaks Social Media Silence For Eddie

With a recent Instagram post, Alex Van Halen broke his social media quiet in memory of his late brother Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie was sent a photo by the drummer along with the following text:

“We miss you.”

Wolfgang’s Message On Eddie’s Birthday

Wolfgang Van Halen also used social media to convey his love and desire for his father, taking into consideration his uncle’s sentiments. Wolfgang sent Eddie a note along with a photo, writing:

“I wish you were here so I could give you a big hug, go to dinner, celebrate it with you, and make a dumb joke about it being your 69th birthday. Just regular sh*t. I miss hearing you laugh. I miss laughing with you. It’s the little things.”

He continued:

“I’ll do my best to keep a smile on my face and think of you today. But then again, that’s not very different than any other day so far without you. I love and miss you more than you could ever possibly know. Happy Birthday, Pop.”

A Brother’s Grief

After Eddie passed away in October 2020, Alex mostly avoided the spotlight until 2021, when he sent a statement on his first birthday without his brother. Alex said in a message that was posted by the Van Halen News Desk:

“First birthday without you, Ed. The view from my drum set will never be the same. VH forever!”

Eddie Van Halen’s Legacy And Passing

Eddie Van Halen passed away in Santa Monica, California, at Providence Saint John’s Health Center. At his childhood home in Pasadena and on Allen Avenue, where Eddie and Alex infamously carved their band’s name in wet cement as kids, fans grieved and left flowers and memories.

Eddie, who was 65 years old, passed away prematurely from stage four lung cancer. He sought treatment in Germany before the illness spreading to his brain and spine. According to Eddie’s death certificate, lung cancer, myelodysplastic syndrome, and pneumonia were the underlying causes of his death, while a cerebrovascular episode was listed as the immediate reason.

See both Alex’s and Wolfgang’s posts below.





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