David Lee Roth’s Fake Apology To Wolfgang VH Goes Viral

David Lee Roth’s recent tumultuous interactions involving Sammy Hagar and Wolfgang Van Halen have taken yet another twist, this time veering into the realm of a purported apology. However, as the dust settles, it becomes evident that this apology is anything but genuine.

In a recent video titled ‘Family Therapy..,’ Roth’s attempt at contrition morphs into a mocking spectacle aimed at both Sammy Hagar and Wolfgang Van Halen, sending shockwaves across the internet. With feigned sobs, he begins, “Before we get started today, I just wanna say something that without all the music and all the comedy and everything that I know, I’ve upset some people. I love my old rock band, and I miss Ed. I didn’t mean to upset anybody, and I would just… Don’t turn the mic off. I feel so wrong I did something so wrong. Sike, f*ck you.”

This so-called apology emerges in the wake of Wolfgang’s claim that his lone record with the band, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ was conspicuously absent from major streaming platforms due to Roth’s disdain for it. The voice message, also disseminated by Rock Feed, drew poignant commentary from the host, underscoring the perplexity of Roth’s attacks on Wolfgang: “David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen accomplished so much together, it’s just bizarre to see him attacking his son if not out of respect for the accomplishments you had with Eddie. He was around when Wolfgang was this little kid, and now you’re kind of viciously attacking him publicly, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

The turbulence between Roth and Wolfgang is further underscored by Roth’s scathing criticism in another video titled ‘This Crazy Kid..’ concerning their farewell tour. In it, Roth lambasts the bassist for expelling his guests during a New York performance, insinuating further grievances about attention on stage during their joint tour.

Regarding Hagar’s reaction to Roth’s tirade against Wolfgang, the sentiment appears to echo a sense of incredulity and perhaps a hint of jealousy. Hagar muses, “Look, if you really think about what he said, it’s like do I sense a little tinge of jealousy in there or something? Does he feel like he’s left out or something? I mean, honestly, the only thing I can say without being cruel is he needs to find a new dispensary. That one’s not working for him.”

The saga continues to unfold, leaving fans and observers alike puzzled by the erratic behavior and simmering tensions within the Van Halen camp.

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