Sammy Hagar Reveals He Was Jealous Of David Lee Roth’s Work With VAN HALEN

Sammy Hagar recently found himself in the spotlight again after David Lee Roth made some pointed comments about Hagar and Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang. Speaking with ABC Audio, Hagar shared his respect for Van Halen’s ‘1984’ album, despite Roth’s cutting remarks. He admitted that the album, especially the hit song “Jump,” sparked a mix of admiration and jealousy in him. Hagar said:

“I’ve always been a fan of that album. Eddie’s work on it made me a huge admirer. Hearing ‘Jump’ made me realize they had achieved something extraordinary. I was envious, even a bit annoyed by its success.”

The rivalry between former Van Halen frontmen, Roth and Hagar, is well-documented, with Roth’s recent comments on YouTube adding fuel to their long-standing feud. Despite this, Hagar seems willing to recognize Roth’s role in Van Halen’s legacy, regardless of their personal differences.

The debate over who is the better Van Halen vocalist continues, but Hagar pointed out a fundamental difference in their approaches. In a 2021 conversation with Inside With Paulo Baron, Hagar distinguished himself from Roth by emphasizing his empathy and concern for how his actions affect others. He contrasted this with Roth’s self-centeredness, stating:

“The main difference between us is my genuine concern for the impact of my actions and how they’re received. I believe Roth is more self-focused, caring more about his performance than its effect on people. I find him entertaining, though, and enjoy watching his antics, even if I don’t fully understand him.”

This ongoing saga between Hagar and Roth adds another layer to the rich history of Van Halen, highlighting the contrasting personalities and approaches of its former vocalists.

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