Sammy Hagar has weighed in on the recent controversy sparked by David Lee Roth’s comments regarding Wolfgang Van Halen, offering his unique perspective on the matter.

Speaking to People ahead of MusiCares’ “Person Of The Year” event honoring Jon Bon Jovi at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Hagar shared his insights. “You know, when you really dissect what David said, it almost feels like there’s a hint of envy there, doesn’t it? Like maybe he’s feeling a bit left out or something?” Hagar pondered before injecting a touch of humor, “But hey, without being too harsh, I’d say he might want to consider finding a new supplier for his recreational needs. Clearly, the current one isn’t doing him any favors.”

Last month, Roth aimed Wolfgang, alleging that he had ejected certain guests invited by the singer from a few shows during the final leg of VAN HALEN’s tour.

In a YouTube video titled “This Crazy Kid…” (initially dubbed “This F**king Kid” before a likely alteration to adhere to YouTube’s guidelines), Roth recounted the incidents from his perspective.

“This kid, he’s griping throughout the whole tour like I’m not giving him enough attention onstage,” Roth exclaimed. “It’s like Santa Claus sliding down the chimney on Christmas and nobody’s paying attention. Shalom to the dome, buddy. I’m giving him my all. Every ounce of energy in front of twenty, thirty thousand fans each time, and he’s whining to everyone around me — the manager, the security, the wardrobe lady — ‘Dave’s not paying me enough attention.’ Fast forward to New York City — glittering, bustling New York City, and we’re at Jones Beach with twenty thousand fans. I step onto the stage, ready to perform ‘Ice Cream Man’, and I’m reminiscing about how many times we’ve played in New York. It’s spectacular. Little did I know, this kid, this schlemiel, had recruited a couple of goons to sneak backstage and kick out two lovely ladies I had invited as my guests. These ladies are in their forties, professionals. And here’s the kicker: they work for his accounting firm, not mine. But just like his uncle and his uncle’s brother, he didn’t bother to get them tickets. So I did. I seated them far off to the side, mind you. These aren’t MÖTLEY CRÜE groupies; they’re respectable women. And what does he do? He kicks them out, trying to teach me a lesson. Little did he know, they were carrying paychecks for all 82 members of the crew. I only found out when I was halfway across that damn bridge at Jones Beach. You know, I should have been furious, but I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Let’s fast forward to Hollywood — glamorous, glitzy Hollywood. We’re playing the Hollywood Bowl for the last two shows of the tour, and Eddie’s not having the best day. But I’m thinking, ‘What if this is the last time I ever perform with the brothers?’ It’s a big deal to me. So I step out onto that stage, ready to sing my heart out. And what happens? This kid! He sends two muscleheads to hunt down the one lady I invited as my guest. They drag her past all the other guests, through the shame, and toss her out into the parking lot! Wolfgang Van Halen thinks he’s teaching me a lesson by kicking out what he thinks is my girlfriend. But guess what? She’s another accountant, carrying paychecks and cash bonuses for everyone there. You’ll want to pull over for this next part; it’s a riot. Remember New York City? Same damn lady!

“This kid, I tell ya. This kid! And that’s how I remember my last show with Eddie Van Halen.”

VAN HALEN embarked on extensive tours in 2007, 2012, and 2015, with Wolfgang holding down bass duties. The band’s final series of performances occurred during the summer and fall of 2015, comprising a North American tour spanning 41 concerts, kicking off on July 5, 2015, and culminating on October 4, 2015.


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