Dino Cazares Explains Why ‘Ride The Lightning’ Is Better Than ‘Master Of Puppets’

Fear Factory’s iconic guitarist, Dino Cazares, delved into the Metallica discourse during an intriguing interview on Wired In The Empire with Radioactive MikeZ, offering a unique perspective rooted in his musical journey.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment etched in his memory, Cazares recounted an electrifying encounter with Metallica during their ‘Ride The Lightning’ era. Sharing his firsthand experience of witnessing the band’s visceral energy and magnetic stage presence, he revealed:

“I remember they opened up for Armored Saint. Now, I’m a huge Armored Saint fan, but that day, Metallica on ‘Ride The Lightning’ just annihilated Armored Saint. Half the crowd cleared out, and it was like, ‘Wow.’ I was just blown away. That raw, ripping performance, destroying the audience – that’s what ‘Ride The Lightning’ embodies for me.”

The Unadulterated Force of ‘Ride The Lightning’

While acknowledging the undeniable brilliance of ‘Master Of Puppets,’ Cazares emphasized the primal allure of ‘Ride The Lightning,’ elaborating:

“‘Master Of Puppets’ is undoubtedly a masterpiece – let’s not downplay that. But there’s something about the rawness of ‘Ride The Lightning,’ especially tracks like ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ – it’s just pure energy. When I saw them again a year or two later opening for Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy was in this glammy phase, with poofy hair and sequins that almost resembled a dress.”

Comparing Production and Songwriting

Delving into Metallica’s sonic evolution, Cazares dissected the disparities in production and songcraft between the two albums, remarking:

“‘Master Of Puppets’ showcased their growth – better production, longer tracks. But my experience with ‘Ride The Lightning’ felt more intimate. Even though ‘Master Of Puppets’ elevated their sound, I still gravitate towards the rawness of ‘Ride The Lightning.'”

Cazares had previously expounded on James Hetfield’s profound influence on his guitar prowess during an interview on Speak N’ Destroy, a podcast dedicated to Metallica’s legacy. He extolled Hetfield’s distinctive rhythm technique and tone, citing it as a cornerstone of his musical journey, particularly Hetfield’s down-picking and palm muting techniques.

The interview offers a fascinating glimpse into Cazares’ musical ethos and his enduring reverence for Metallica’s seminal works.

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