SYSTEM OF A DOWN Played Some Deep Cuts During Sick New World 2024, Dedicated “Lonely Day” To JOEY JORDISON

System Of A Down recently rocked the stage at the Sick New World festival, their first show of 2024. They played some old favorites and surprised fans with songs they hadn’t performed in a while. You can watch clips of their awesome performance, including a heartfelt rendition of “Lonely Day” dedicated to the late Joey Jordison of Slipknot.

Before playing the song, guitarist and vocalist Daron Malakian shared memories of Joey Jordison, who was a close friend and Slipknot’s drummer. He mentioned how much he thinks about Joey and dedicated “Lonely Day” to him, especially since it would have been Jordison’s 49th birthday on April 26.

Here’s the setlist System Of A Down rocked out to:

– “X”
– “Suite-Pee”
– “Prison Song”
– “Holy Mountains”
– “Soldier Side – Intro”
– “B.Y.O.B.”
– “Innervision” (First time played since 2019)
– “Dreaming”
– “Needles”
– “Deer Dance”
– “Radio/Video”
– “Bubbles” (First time played since 2015)
– “CUBErt” (First time played since 2015)
– “Hypnotize”
– “ATWA”
– “Bounce”
– “Suggestions”
– “Psycho”
– “Chop Suey!”
– “Lonely Day”
– “Kill Rock ‘n Roll” (First time played since 2017)
– “Lost in Hollywood”
– “Aerials”
– “Genocidal Humanoidz”
– “War?”
– “Toxicity”
– “Sugar”

It sounds like it was an epic show, with the band bringing out their classics and paying tribute to a fallen friend in a touching way.

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