SERJ TANKIAN Offered To Quit SYSTEM OF A DOWN In 2017, Band Actually Tried Out A New Vocalist

Serj Tankian and System Of A Down haven’t always agreed on everything. Tankian has said he’s not keen on touring anymore, which has slowed down new music from the band. But when you think of System Of A Down, you think of Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian, and John Dolmayan—those four have been the core of the band.

Tankian actually offered to step back from the band in 2017. They even tried out a new vocalist secretly, although it didn’t work out. Tankian was serious about leaving, wanting the band to continue without him if that’s what they wanted. He saw his bandmates more as close friends than just bandmates.

He described Shavo as a really kind and helpful person, always looking out for others. Tankian and John had become like family, despite some political differences. And Daron, well, their relationship was complicated but full of respect and love. Tankian wanted his friends to be happy and not rely on him if he couldn’t keep up with touring.

The band didn’t immediately embrace the idea of finding a replacement singer. They preferred to take things slowly and not pressure Tankian into anything. But it turned out they had tried out singers without telling Tankian. He suggested some replacements himself, but it seems like the idea of someone new in the band never quite materialized.

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