SERJ TANKIAN Streams A Song He Originally Wrote For SYSTEM OF A DOWN Early In Their Career

We might never get a new System Of A Down album, but at least we can enjoy some of their unreleased material.

Serj Tankian, the vocalist of System Of A Down, has just released a new single called “A.F. Day.” This song was originally written in the early days of the band’s career but never made it onto any of their five albums. “This is a song I wrote in the early days of System Of A Down that I never released,” Tankian explained. “Most of the instrumentation and vocals are from that time. The song has a dystopian mood, reflecting my angst and anti-authoritarian attitude towards conformity.”

“A.F. Day” will be featured on Tankian’s upcoming EP, Foundations*. In an interview with Metal Hammer earlier this year, Tankian described the EP as a retrospective release that complements his new book Down With The System.

“The reason I’m putting it out is that writing the book made me revisit songs from different periods of my career,” he said. “One of the songs is from the early System days, for example, that I never released or worked on with the band. A few other songs are from around 2007/2008, during my solo career, but didn’t fit on my album Elect The Dead.

“The EP is an interesting mix of rock music that I’ve never released, spanning different times in my career. It’s called Foundations because these songs represent the roots of my musical journey. Each song is unique: one is really heavy, another is very progressive. They all have different elements, but together they make sense.”

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