BODY COUNT Recruits FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY’s JOE BADOLATO For New Single “Psychopath”

Body Count is back, and they’ve teamed up with Joe Badolato from Fit For An Autopsy for their new single, “Psychopath.” This track is part of their upcoming album *Merciless*, which is set to be released later this year.

It started with the music,” said Body Count’s frontman, Ice-T, in an interview with Heavy Consequence. “The track sounds like what it’s like to be inside a psychopath’s head. It was intense and chaotic, and it needed lyrics that matched that craziness.”

Check out the new single below and stay tuned for more updates from Body Count!

In a 2022 interview with Darren Paltrowitz on the Paltrocast, Ice-T shared some fascinating insights on songwriting and the challenges of releasing new music. “Making albums is kind of scary,” he said.

“It’s like making an apple pie that everyone loves and then trying to make another pie that’s just as good but different. So, you try a cherry apple pie, and it’s a hit. Next, you make a blueberry apple pie, and it’s also a success. But eventually, you run out of flavors, and you’re scared to try something new like lime. If you stick with the same old apple pie, people will say you’re repeating yourself. And if your last album was a hit, there’s the fear that the next one might not be. It’s like, do you want to keep making records and risk them not being hits, or do you want to retire on a high note, like Floyd Mayweather, and just tour with the hits you’ve already got? Bands like Kiss don’t need to release new records anymore.”

Ice-T also talked about his approach to songwriting. “If a song doesn’t feel right, it goes in the trash, or we repurpose the good parts,” he explained. “The stress is always there, but I’m more selective and precise now. I’ll delete songs as we’re making them. I don’t need to make 20 songs. The goal is to make music so good that I don’t even need to sing on it. The music alone should be able to stand on its own and rock.”

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