Chino Moreno’s Recently Surfaced Photo Gives Hope On New Deftones Album

A new Deftones album is on the horizon.

The band has been teasing their new album for a while, and now a recently surfaced photo confirms that Deftones is nearly finished. David Benveniste, CEO of Velvet Hammer, shared a picture on Instagram from the studio. The photo features the band’s frontman, Chino Moreno, and producer Nick Raskulinecz of Rock Records.

Benveniste captioned the post:

“Incredible trip up to Portland to see my dudes! Chino Moreno and Nick Raskulinecz. Some magic going on in the studio. Capturing the beauty, power, essence, and energy—somewhere between space and time, presence and perspective. You don’t even know… Deftones, FUTURE HEAVY.”

When Is The Album Coming Out?

Last week, Moreno and drummer Abe Cunningham shared more details about the album. During preparations for their Coachella set, a KROQ host asked them about the band’s ‘we made it’ moment. Moreno reflected on their gradual rise to fame:

“It’s weird, with our career, it was such a slow build. I mean, it still feels like we’re building for some crazy reason after 30 years. I’ve never had a moment where I woke up and thought, ‘Wow!’ because it’s been so gradual. But looking back, it’s crazy.”

He also provided an update on the new album:

“We’ve been working on and off for the last year and a half. From when we started writing to where we are now, we have the whole record recorded musically, and it’s pretty much my job now to finish up the vocals.”

In September last year, Moreno mentioned that the band hoped to release the new album in the spring or summer of this year. If everything goes as planned, we might hear the new album in just a few months.

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