SEPULTURA‘s guitarist Andreas Kisser mentioned his openness to playing with Max and Iggor Cavalera for a final show, although he realizes it might not happen.

In a recent interview on Conectados program on Transamérica radio in São Paulo, Andreas discussed the idea of reuniting with the Cavalera brothers.

He said (translated from Portuguese via Google translate): “I think the idea of a last and final show would be interesting, with all the members including the Cavalera brothers. We have Jean Dolabella, Eloy Casagrande, Jairo Guedz, other musicians who took part, such as Roy Mayorga and Max and Iggor themselves. But, this is something that… this will be a little later. I would really like to invite everyone, right? But that doesn’t just depend on us.”

When talking about his relationship with Max, Andreas mentioned: “Man, I don’t know, I saw him, I don’t know, like six, seven years ago, at a festival. We greeted each other. Dude, there’s no such thing as seeing each other and hanging out at each other’s necks, there’s no such thing as that, you know? We don’t have this aggressiveness or hatred thing. I don’t hate Max at all, I respect Max and Iggor a lot. If it happens, it will be beautiful. But also, if it doesn’t happen, we’ll celebrate it the same way.”

Igor Cavalera also discussed the potential reunion of the classic SEPULTURA lineup last year. He said: “The reunion, in my opinion, it’s me and my brother — that’s the person that I wanna be united with. So, for me, if the other stuff, it doesn’t happen, I can’t really be too bummed about it. Of course, it would be amazing, but the real reunion for me is just me and my brother being together. That’s what makes me happy.”

SEPULTURA bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. also commented on the possibility of a reunion with Max, saying that it would have to happen naturally.

He mentioned in a 2020 interview with “Scars And Guitars”: “I don’t know about the future, but right now — I don’t like to force the situation that’s not there anymore. If one day it comes to terms, it has to come naturally.”

It’s worth noting that Max Cavalera left the band in 1996, and Igor Cavalera remained with SEPULTURA for another decade before leaving and reuniting with Max in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. SEPULTURA recently started their farewell tour with a new touring drummer, Greyson Nekrutman.

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