ELOY CASAGRANDE Discusses Why He Quit SEPULTURA To Join SLIPKNOT: ‘It Was Complicated’

Eloy Casagrande, former drummer of SEPULTURA, recently talked about his move to SLIPKNOT.

He shared that the opportunity to audition for SLIPKNOT came in December, shortly after SEPULTURA announced their farewell tour. Casagrande recorded videos and played with the band in Palm Springs, going through a rigorous audition process that tested his skills in various ways.

On February 5th or 6th, he got the official confirmation to join SLIPKNOT, a band he admired since his teenage years. Casagrande described feeling nervous at first but gradually improved during the audition days.

Regarding his departure from SEPULTURA, Casagrande mentioned that he didn’t want to stop playing drums after the band’s breakup. He explored the possibility of juggling both bands but ultimately had to choose exclusivity with SLIPKNOT, leading to his decision to leave SEPULTURA.

Casagrande officially joined SLIPKNOT in February, following the departure of Jay Weinberg. His quick transition from SEPULTURA hinted at his move to SLIPKNOT.

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