In a surprising turn of events, drummer Eloy Casagrande has parted ways with SEPULTURA, citing a desire to pursue a new venture, leaving fans abuzz with speculation that he might be stepping into the drumming role for iconic band SLIPKNOT.

This departure comes a mere two months after SEPULTURA announced a global “farewell tour” commemorating its 40th anniversary in 2024. SEPULTURA released a statement today shedding light on the situation: “The ‘Celebrating Life Through Death’ tour, marking the band’s 40th anniversary and bidding farewell to the stage, was announced in early December. This conscious and planned conclusion required nearly a year of meticulous preparation, commitment, ethics, loyalty to their fans, and respect for the band’s storied history. A clear priority for Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green, and Paulo Xisto.”

However, on February 6th, just days before the tour’s first rehearsal, Casagrande delivered the unexpected news of his departure to pursue another project. The band was caught off guard, and without warning, Casagrande left abruptly, severing ties with everything related to SEPULTURA. Fortunately, American virtuoso Greyson Nekrutman steps into the void, assuming the role of drummer for SEPULTURA’s “Celebrating Life Through Death” farewell tour.

Greyson Nekrutman expressed his gratitude, stating, “Today, I express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible opportunity to join the legendary ranks of SEPULTURA for their farewell tour. To contribute to this legacy is a privilege that fills me with both honor and excitement.”

Rumors had circulated that Casagrande had been in talks with SLIPKNOT and had already recorded demos with them, making him the top choice for the band. Impressed by his talent, versatility, and personality, SLIPKNOT saw in Casagrande a potential successor to the revered Joey Jordison and Jay Weinberg.

If Casagrande does join SLIPKNOT, he would be the youngest and the first non-American member of the band, presenting the formidable challenge of stepping into the shoes of two esteemed drummers adored by SLIPKNOT fans. However, Casagrande’s track record as a formidable drummer positions him as a worthy successor, ready to contribute his spirit and passion to the continuing legacy of SLIPKNOT. The prospect of new chapters, conquered stages, and powerful music awaits as Casagrande potentially embarks on this new chapter of his musical journey.

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