Sammy Hagar Gives Ultimatum To Alex Van Halen

In a recent conversation with The Arizona Republic, Sammy Hagar displayed a nuanced understanding and respect for Alex Van Halen’s choice to abstain from a potential Van Halen reunion. Shedding light on the complexities of orchestrating such reunions without all original members, Hagar acknowledged the practicality of not waiting indefinitely, as evidenced by his own experience two decades ago.

Reflecting on the past reunion attempt with Michael Anthony, Hagar stated, “Mike and I, 20 years ago, did a reunion. And it’s been 20 years this year. I’m going, I don’t have another 20 years to be waiting on Alex Van Halen, who’s the only guy left.” Despite this ultimatum, Hagar softened his stance, demonstrating an understanding of Alex’s reluctance to perform without his brother: “So he didn’t want to do it? You know, he, I guess, just doesn’t like playing without his brother. Don’t blame him. God bless him.”

Moving forward, Hagar unveiled an exhilarating lineup for the upcoming tour in lieu of Alex’s participation. Enthusiastically, he revealed, “So I’m saying, ‘I’m getting Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham, who his dad was Alex’s hero.’ Jason plays just like his dad. So it’s pretty much the music is gonna be served as good as it can be served today.”

The tour, titled ‘The Best of All Worlds,’ was announced in November 2023 and is slated to commence in July 2024. Promising a blend of Hagar’s solo hits and a reunion with former Van Halen bandmates, the ensemble featuring Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, Rai Thistlethwayte, and Jason Bonham aims to recreate the magic of their previous collaborations.

Reflecting on the upcoming tour, Hagar expressed excitement about revisiting moments from the Van Halen ’04 tour: “It’s crazy to think that it’ll be 20 years since Mikey and I played these songs with Van Halen on the ’04 ‘Best of Both Worlds Tour.'”

In a separate discussion on the Rock of Nations podcast, Hagar voiced disappointment over the absence of a tribute event for Eddie Van Halen and suggested that Alex Van Halen should have taken the lead in honoring his late brother. Addressing rumors of David Lee Roth joining the tour, Hagar clarified on Instagram that Roth might only make a brief appearance, despite Roth’s expressed desire to be part of the tour.

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