ROB HALFORD Says No End In Sight For JUDAS PRIEST: “We Owe Our Fans Everything”

In a recent talk with Germany’s Rock Antenne, Rob Halford from Judas Priest was asked if the band was thinking about calling it quits anytime soon. He said, “No way.” He explained that dwelling on the end can bring down the band’s energy like a light slowly fading away.

He emphasized how grateful they all are for reaching their 19th studio album, Invincible Shield. Halford mentioned that if they start counting down to the end, it can deflate their enthusiasm. He compared it to feeling lazy and not wanting to work but then balancing it with the amazing achievements Judas Priest has had.

Halford also talked about their duty to their fans. He stressed that they owe everything to their supporters and feel responsible for giving back. That’s why they keep going on tours worldwide, making sure their music connects with fans everywhere, from Germany and Austria to Japan and Australia.

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