JUDAS PRIEST’s iconic frontman, Rob Halford, has expressed his wholehearted endorsement for the prospect of Ozzy Osbourne receiving knighthood, emphasizing that the Prince of Darkness unquestionably “deserves” this distinguished honor from King Charles.

In an exclusive interview with Classic Rock, Halford asserted, “If one person truly deserves a knighthood, it’s Ozzy Osbourne. Just for the sheer joy he’s bestowed upon people over the years.”

The significance of being knighted in the British honors system cannot be overstated, representing not only outstanding achievement in one’s field but also a profound cultural influence extending well beyond national borders. With a musical career spanning over five decades, Ozzy Osbourne’s impact on the industry, coupled with his enduring iconic status, stands as an undeniable testament to his deserving candidacy for knighthood.

News surfaced last year that the U.K. government had officially acknowledged Ozzy’s knighthood candidacy following a petition signed by thousands advocating for the singer’s recognition. Notably, numerous Members of Parliament from Birmingham, Ozzy’s hometown, voiced their unwavering support for his knighthood.

In January 2023, the organizer of the petition received correspondence from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport regarding her persistent efforts to secure the esteemed award for Ozzy. The letter acknowledged the ongoing consideration of Ozzy’s case and shed light on the intense competition for the limited number of available awards.

The letter stated, “As you are aware, Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honor for a while. Unfortunately, to date, he has been unsuccessful. As I am sure you will appreciate, there is extremely fierce competition for the very limited number of awards available.”

“While Mr. Osbourne is not currently recognized by an honor, it does not diminish the appreciation for his contribution. With around 1,000 awards available in each round, and perhaps six or seven times, unfortunately, it is not possible for every candidate, however valuable their service, to succeed. However, I can confirm this case remains under consideration at this time. Unfortunately, we can give no guarantee as to the eventual outcome or timescale.”

5 thoughts on “ROB HALFORD: OZZY OSBOURNE ‘Deserves’ To Be Knighted By KING CHARLES”

  1. I agree, give John Michael Osbourne aka Ozzy what he deserves and also give him a place in the rock n roll hall of fame. He deserves it and should have it.

  2. I may be repeating what has already been said but what Ozzy did for the happiness of his fans all around the world, will not and could not be replicated. I believe that he should be knighted as he truly deserves it. Stop finding excuses, this man is in terrible pain, can hardly move and all he thinks about is how to give his fans what they want: another show, another album a proper goodbye even though his health doesn’t allow it! Others took this award while still in good health and while they did their part, didn’t go through such lengths.

  3. Agreed. Well said. Ozzy enjoys making music & lives for fans. He is truly deserving of every accolade he could possibly achieve.


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