STEVE HARRIS Hints At Possible IRON MAIDEN Retirement

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Steve Harris hinted that IRON MAIDEN‘s days as a band might not last forever.

When asked about a new album, Harris mentioned their focus on touring while they can. He also acknowledged the possibility of the band’s eventual end, noting that their current joy in touring may come from realizing their time together is limited.

Who knows what will happen? Right now, we want to tour as much as possible. But even if we scaled back live shows, we could still make albums. We’ll see,” Harris commented.

“I always thought making fifteen albums would be nice, and we’ve surpassed that. It’s all downhill from here, right? [Laughs.] But we’re all still enjoying it – maybe more than ever – perhaps because we know the end is approaching. We try not to dwell on that, but as long as everyone loves what we do, we’ll keep going as long as we can.”

In another part of the interview, Harris was asked about the reception of their latest album, Senjutsu. He replied, “Yeah, there will always be people who think the band peaked in 1988, and while I find it puzzling, it’s okay. Maybe they want us to revisit the past, but that’s not us. Now is now. Why redo something from the past?

Senjutsu, released in September 2021, marked their return after six years and was a hit with critics and fans alike for its ambitious scope. The singles “The Writing on the Wall” and “Stratego” were released to promote the album.

IRON MAIDEN plans to tour Europe in the summer of 2023 with their “The Future Past Tour,” featuring songs from Senjutsu and classics like those from 1986’s Somewhere In Time.

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