REX BROWN On PANTERA: “We’re Not Doing This For Ourselves”

Rex Brown has been speaking out about Pantera’s return, whether it’s tribute shows or a full-on reunion. He recently clarified that, for him, Pantera in 2024 isn’t just a tribute band. However, he’s been quiet about the possibility of a new album.

In a new interview with American Musical Supply, Brown went into detail about bringing on board Charlie Benante and Zakk Wylde. He emphasized their strong friendship and the extensive preparation they did before hitting the stage together.

“This is a whole new experience. Charlie and Zakk are not just great musicians; they’ve been our friends for years. We’ve spent countless hours, probably around 80 to 100, recording all the songs for our setlist and others we might want to play. Charlie and I worked on this for six months before we even got to rehearsals. That’s how close we are.”

Brown also talked about honoring Pantera’s legacy, noting that their presence is a tribute to the band and the fans. The message of “for the brothers” has been central to their shows, keeping the spirit of Pantera alive.

“We want to preserve this legacy because the music still resonates. We’re attracting a whole new generation of fans who might not have discovered our music otherwise. And when those young fans grow up and have kids, it keeps the legacy alive. We’re not just doing this for ourselves; it’s about honoring Pantera’s name and music. It’s about bringing these powerful riffs and patterns back to life.”

Overall, Brown’s dedication to keeping Pantera’s music alive shines through in his words, reflecting the band’s enduring impact and the importance of their music reaching new ears.

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