Neseblod Records (Formerly Helvete) In Oslo Severely Damaged In Fire, Black Metal History Destroyed

Neseblod Records, previously known as the Helevete record store famous for its “Black Metal” basement, has suffered significant damage due to a fire in Oslo. The news was reported by Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG), stating that the fire started in the basement and caused extensive destruction to its contents.

Grethe Neseblod, co-owner of Neseblod Records, expressed uncertainty about the situation. “I’m outside and can’t see clearly because of the smoke. I don’t know how bad it is,” she told VG.

The police are investigating the fire. Helvete, which was originally owned by Euronymous, was closed down in early 1993 after attracting negative attention from local authorities and media due to the activities of the Black Metal Inner Circle. It was later reopened as Neseblod Records, often referred to as a black metal museum.

Kenneth Neseblod, another co-owner, mentioned that much of their collection is for display only and not for sale. “It’s like a museum as well as a record store. We have rare records, cassettes, and letters from tape trading in the metal community,” he explained to VG.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support Neseblod Records in recovering from the fire. The organizer, Darren Toms, emphasized the store’s significance in the Norwegian Black Metal scene and the loss of rare black metal history in the fire.

The community is rallying to help Neseblod Records during this challenging time, and we send our best wishes to everyone involved.

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