KISS’ Music, Brand Name & Intellectual Property Bought By Pophouse

Pophouse, the production company behind the Kiss avatars, has made a significant move by acquiring all rights to Kiss’ music, name, logo, and associated assets for a hefty sum of $300 million, as reported by Fortune. This acquisition solidifies Pophouse’s ownership of the band’s entire creative and commercial legacy, marking a new chapter in the iconic band’s journey.

Gene Simmons, a founding member of Kiss, revealed in an interview with Fortune that the band has officially concluded its touring activities after an illustrious 50-year run. With this transition, Pophouse is poised to take Kiss’ imagery, music catalog, and unique personas to unprecedented heights through innovative digital experiences.

Johan Lagerlöf, the head of investment at Pophouse, expressed admiration for Kiss as one of the most recognizable and influential bands in music history. Lagerlöf emphasized Kiss’ trailblazing approach to live performances, constantly pushing artistic boundaries and captivating audiences across generations. He outlined Pophouse’s mission to honor the band’s vision of immortality by ensuring that new fans continue to discover and engage with the Kiss legacy.

Per Sundin, the CEO of Pophouse Entertainment, underscored Kiss’ remarkable achievements, including over 100 million records sold worldwide and their enduring impact on popular culture. Sundin reiterated Pophouse’s commitment to safeguarding and enhancing Kiss’ cultural significance through ambitious global initiatives. This includes revitalizing the band’s iconic characters and imagery while leveraging cutting-edge technology to elevate the Kiss experience for fans worldwide.

Looking ahead, Kiss (or rather, their avatars) is gearing up for their debut avatar shows in 2027. Fortune also noted that Kiss recently collaborated with Walt Disney Co.’s Industrial Light & Magic for motion capture and filming sessions, suggesting that the development of the avatar shows is well underway. This strategic partnership with Disney’s renowned visual effects studio underscores the magnitude of Kiss’ digital transformation and their commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences.

In summary, Pophouse’s acquisition of Kiss’ rights signals a transformative phase for the legendary band, with plans for innovative digital ventures and immersive avatar performances set to captivate audiences in the coming years.


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