Producer BOB ROCK Reveals Someone Else Replaced NIKKI SIXX’s Bass Playing On First Four MÖTLEY CRÜE Records

While collaborating with MÖTLEY CRÜE on fresh material, producer Bob Rock divulged intriguing insights into Nikki Sixx’s uncertainty about his contributions to the band’s initial four albums. This revelation surfaced during a candid discussion on Chris Jericho’s “This Is Jericho” podcast.

Expanding on the dynamics between Rock and Sixx, the producer recounted a pivotal moment during the creation of the 1989 album Dr. Feelgood. Sixx, harboring doubts about ever playing on MÖTLEY CRÜE records and suspecting nocturnal replacements of his parts, found himself challenged by Rock. The producer insisted that Sixx play every note, leading to extensive edits and a transformative experience for the bassist.

However, their creative journey took an unexpected turn during the development of The Dirt demos. Rock, expecting a familiar struggle, was astonished to witness Sixx effortlessly playing the bass. It turned out that Sixx had dedicated five years to bass lessons, evolving into an impressive bass player. Rock admired this commitment, highlighting Sixx’s determination to enhance his skills at that juncture in his career.

In a recent legal development, guitarist Mick Mars brought attention to his discontent by filing a lawsuit against the band. Accusations ranged from the pervasive use of backing tracks during live performances to Nikki Sixx allegedly manipulating Mars into believing a decline in cognitive abilities and guitar skills.

Mick’s lawsuit contended that MÖTLEY CRÜE drastically reduced his earnings share from 25 percent to a mere 5 percent after expressing his decision to withdraw from touring. He further claimed that the group’s attorneys conveyed a sense of obligation on his part to appreciate this reduced portion. The guitarist asserted that a unilateral decision to exclude him from MÖTLEY CRÜE was made during a complete band gathering.

The crux of Mick’s allegations revolved around Nikki Sixx allegedly “gaslighting” him by insinuating a decline in his guitar abilities, despite Sixx not playing a single note on bass during a recent tour, according to Mick. The guitarist asserted that all of Sixx’s segments were pre-recorded, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing legal dispute within the iconic rock band.


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