Nikki Sixx recently took to social media to vent his frustration regarding MÖTLEY CRÜE fans who appear to be taking Mick Mars’ side in the band’s ongoing feud with the guitarist.

Initially, Sixx shared his newfound interest in women’s rugby, expressing his captivation with the sport while jesting about not wanting to miss the concert the following day. However, the conversation took a sharp turn when a fan voiced their support for Mars, prompting Sixx to respond with disappointment. He accused fans of being misled and expressed his hope that they would eventually realize the truth.

The fan’s criticism didn’t stop there, as they turned their attention to vocalist Vince Neil, berating him for his performance and appearance during a past MÖTLEY CRÜE show. They even went as far as to suggest that the band would be lacking without Mick Mars.

The ongoing conflict stems from Mars’ legal actions against CRÜE, alleging unfair treatment in terms of earnings and exclusion from band decisions. He accuses Sixx of undermining his guitar skills, despite Sixx allegedly not even playing live during a recent tour. Mars expressed deep emotional wounds from the experience, stating that the lack of communication during the 2022 tour left him feeling isolated and used.

In a candid interview with Rolling Stone, Mars revealed the extent of his emotional distress and his desire to sever ties with his bandmates entirely. He expressed a sense of relief after the tour but described profound emotional scars that may never fully heal. Mars emphasized his preference for no further communication with the band, indicating a desire for closure without any formal farewell.

The discord within MÖTLEY CRÜE continues to simmer, leaving fans and band members alike grappling with the fallout from a relationship fractured by distrust and resentment.

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