Nikki Sixx On Mötley Crüe Business: ‘It’s Getting Harder And Harder For Me’

In one of his signature daily fan chat sessions on Twitter, Nikki Sixx delved into the much-discussed topic of the SixxAm radio show and podcast, stirring heightened interest among devoted fans. The intrigue surrounding this venture has reached a crescendo, with a fervent fan base yearning for Sixx to revive the celebrated radio show.

The musician, known for his candid communication with fans, addressed the clamor, expressing regret that he currently finds it challenging to meet these expectations. With a touch of nostalgia, Sixx acknowledged the fond memories of their collaboration but cited the demanding nature of commitments beyond Motley Crüe, especially his desire to prioritize precious time with his family.

“I am afraid there just isn’t enough time for me to commit to SixxAm these days. I loved what we did together, but besides Motley, I just don’t wanna be away from my family that much anymore,” he confessed, offering fans a glimpse into the personal considerations that shape his current choices.

Opening up about the toll of touring on family life, Sixx shared insights into the challenges, stating, “Touring is hard on the family, and it’s getting harder and harder for me…” The revelation resonates with the evolving priorities of musicians who have transitioned from the ‘young and all-powerful carefree rock stars’ to individuals with familial responsibilities and commitments.

In a candid moment of connection with fans, Sixx disclosed details about Mötley Crüe’s upcoming tour. With a sense of anticipation, he revealed plans for a limited number of shows this year, a mere 20 performances. Seeking direct input from the fan base, Sixx inquired about their willingness to attend and their preferred locations, hinting at the strategic importance of gauging interest before formalizing the schedule.

“Only playing 20 shows this year. Anybody coming to see us and if so, where? We’re headlining some really cool festivals,” he shared, sparking a wave of excitement and anticipation among the ever-loyal Mötley Crüe enthusiasts.

Despite the passage of time, the positive atmosphere among fans remains palpable. The realization that these iconic musicians have embraced a different phase of life—one marked by family priorities—resonates with understanding among rock aficionados. As Mötley Crüe prepares for a selective series of performances, the unwavering support from fans ensures that the stage remains a vibrant space, echoing the timeless spirit of rock and roll.

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