INSOMNIUM Splits With Guitarist After He Ghosts The Band

Insomnium has officially bid farewell to guitarist Jani Liimatainen, marking the end of a musical journey that spanned from 2019 until the present day. The departure was confirmed through a statement by the band, shedding light on Liimatainen’s sudden silence towards his bandmates, prompting the realization that waiting was no longer an option. To fill the void left by Liimatainen, Insomnium has enlisted the talents of Ville Friman, Brandon Ellis (The Black Dahlia Murder), and Nick Cordle (Omnium Gatherum) for live performances.

The intriguing twist to this departure lies in Jani Liimatainen’s solo venture, as he released a solo record titled “My Father’s Son” in 2022. Adding to the complexity, it appears that Liimatainen might have contributed to Insomnium’s 2023 album “Anno 1696.”

The band, in addressing the situation, explained the peculiar circumstances surrounding Liimatainen’s absence. For an extended period, they were unable to locate him or establish communication through any means. The band refrained from publicly addressing the issue, holding onto hope that the guitarist, who had been a close friend and valued member, would either resolve the situation or provide a statement to his fans.

Regrettably, it became evident that Jani Liimatainen and the rest of Insomnium had divergent priorities, leading to the mutual decision to part ways. Despite this separation, the band assured fans that upcoming live shows would proceed unaffected. Ville Friman is set to join for Finnish shows, while Brandon Ellis and Nick Cordle have agreed to step in as the second guitarist during the North American tour.

In their farewell message, Insomnium expressed well-wishes for Jani Liimatainen’s future endeavors and extended gratitude for the years he dedicated to the band. The departure marks a significant chapter in the band’s history, with the remaining members poised to continue their musical journey as a four-piece unit.

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