LITA FORD: ‘I Had Affairs With A Lot Of Guitar Players And Lead Singers In The Music Industry’

In a recent appearance on Detroit’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, the legendary Lita Ford was posed with the intriguing question of whether she deemed Madonna, the iconic pop superstar, as one of the most “sexiest” performers in the industry. Lita, never one to hold back, delved into Madonna’s fearless approach, recounting a daring stage act where Madonna unapologetically pushed boundaries by engaging in a provocative scene, captivating the audience by boldly embracing her sensuality.

Reflecting on Madonna’s fearless stage presence, Lita acknowledged, “She just never held back. She just let it fly.” Lita marveled at Madonna’s audacity, highlighting a particular performance where the pop queen ventured into uncharted territory by simulating a provocative act in bed on stage. Lita expressed a sense of awe, admitting, “How crazy. That’s something I don’t think I could have done. Maybe faked it — but she’s gotta have the trophy for the No. 1 sex on stage and songs and videos; she was always so sexy.”

The conversation didn’t end there, as Lita delved into the intriguing connection between sex and music, particularly within the realm of rock and roll. According to Lita, the inherently sexual nature of rock and roll adds a layer of allure to performers. She emphasized, “Rock and roll is so sexual. If you’re singing rock and roll, people are just, ‘Ah! He’s so hot!’”

Lita reminisced about the wild era of the 1980s, where she and fellow musicians unabashedly embraced the sex and drugs associated with the rock-and-roll lifestyle. Sharing anecdotes about bands like POISON, she described post-show escapades filled with an abundance of eager fans. Lita vividly painted a picture of the era, saying, “And the girls loved it; they would have the time of their life. It was just a real crazy time.”

Unveiling her own experiences, Lita proudly declared her penchant for the rock star lifestyle. She revealed, “And with me, I always went with the rock stars. I got off on that because everybody else was going with the groupies, and here I am going with the rock stars.” Lita’s unique position as one of the few female figures in the male-dominated industry allowed her to connect intimately with the rock stars she admired.

When questioned about the reasons behind her magnetic attraction to fellow musicians, Lita offered a simple yet profound insight. She explained, “I think people just naturally do that anyway.” Drawing parallels to various professions, she pointed out that individuals naturally gravitate towards those who share similar interests and contexts. In the world of rock and roll, it was only natural for Lita Ford to find herself entangled romantically with guitar players and lead singers, forming a fascinating chapter in the tapestry of her extraordinary life in the music industry.

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