Ronnie Radke: ‘Death Metal Dudes Are Soft’

Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse finds himself embroiled in yet another public dispute, this time directing his ire towards death metal musicians, particularly targeting the band Sanguisugabogg.

A month ago, Radke engaged in a heated exchange with Sanguisugabogg’s frontman, Devin Swank. Now, Radke has taken to the digital stage, asserting that Sanguisugabogg has been avoiding confrontation and resorting to hiding in their tour bus. Tagging Sanguisugabogg’s account, Radke called them out, expressing a desire to talk but claiming they were threatening to involve the police. In a tweet, Radke questioned, “Devin why are you hiding?”

Hours later, Radke doubled down on his criticism, proclaiming that death metal musicians, in general, are ‘soft as sh*t.’ His tweet, laden with defiance, declared, “Like I said, y’all death metal dudes are soft as sh*t. Stop playing with me.”

The genesis of this feud traces back to a series of insults exchanged between Radke and Sanguisugabogg, with challenges to physical altercations and an invitation for the band to open a Falling In Reverse show. Deleted tweets from Sanguisugabogg included jabs at Radke, unearthing past allegations and mockery. Radke responded vehemently, denouncing the claims as lies and demanding a public apology from Swank.

Adding fuel to the fire, Radke shared screenshots of his conversation with the Sanguisugabogg frontman. Swank, without directly naming Radke, expressed frustration about constant feuds affecting personal time with family.

This isn’t Radke’s first foray into verbal altercations with metal musicians. When Machine Gun Kelly faced backlash for his controversial razor-shaped guitar, Radke came to his defense, prompting criticism. A clash with Stabbed guitarist Mark Valentino ensued, with Radke challenging the metal community’s toughness. Sanguisugabogg, in a now-deleted post, mocked Radke’s offer, leading to a back-and-forth exchange. Radke boldly asserted he could take on all four members of Sanguisugabogg in a fight.

In the complex web of social media spats and digital showdowns, Radke’s outspoken nature and unfiltered commentary continue to fuel the flames, creating a tempest in the world of rock feuds.


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