Gene Simmons Announces His First Show After KISS Farewell

Gene Simmons has unveiled plans for his inaugural solo band performance since the conclusion of KISS’s End of the Road farewell tour. Set to take place on Friday, April 26, at the Summer Breeze festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, fans will witness the bassist’s new project featuring a lineup of accomplished musicians. Joining Simmons are Brent Woods, known for collaborations with Sebastian Bach and Vince Neil, Zach Throne, a collaborator of Corey Taylor, and drummer Brian Tichy, recognized for his work with Whitesnake, Billy Idol, and Foreigner.

The genesis of Simmons’ solo endeavor traces back to 2017-2018 when his band comprised different members with backgrounds in artists like Kid Rock. The concept materialized unexpectedly when a corporate event invited Simmons to be a keynote speaker. In a 2018 interview with Australia’s Advertiser, Simmons recounted how the request led to the formation of the band:

The Gene Simmons Band was not a plan or anything. About a year ago, a corporate event asked me to be a keynote speaker… Then they said, ‘Won’t you get up and sing a few tunes?’ I explained that you can’t just do that; you’ve got to have a band and rehearse and all that. They said, ‘Well, we’ll pay you X dollars more,’ and I said, ‘I like you!’ So I put together a band from Nashville — these guys back up Kid Rock and lots of other people — and without a single rehearsal, I just told them which songs I wanted to do, and they learned them.

KISS‘s farewell tour concluded with their last concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 2. As Simmons embarks on his solo venture, KISS’s frontman Paul Stanley explores new creative realms with his latest collection of paintings, showcased in special events scheduled for February 23 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood and February 24 at Boca Raton Town Center Mall. The announcement from the promoter adds anticipation to Simmons’ upcoming solo performance.

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