Kerry King: ‘My Solo Album Was Too Thrashy For Phil Anselmo’

During a recent conversation on ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,’ Slayer guitarist Kerry King addressed the rumors about Phil Anselmo singing on his debut solo album. King revealed these rumors were false and explained why Anselmo wasn’t the right fit for his new project:

“I’ve known Phil for decades—since before the ‘Cowboys From Hell’ album came out. He’s been a friend for years. All the business suits—my manager, my record company, my promoter—wanted me to go that way because it would draw a huge crowd.”

King clarified that while Anselmo could do it, someone else was a better fit:

“Talking to Phil about it, I realized this project is too thrashy for him. It’s not that he can’t do it; I just don’t think he wanted to. We did some preliminary work on it, but once the Pantera reunion came up, that idea was off the table.”

How King Chose His Band Members?

King had previously discussed the possibility of Anselmo singing on his solo album during a February interview with Rolling Stone. He admitted considering a collaboration with Anselmo but ultimately decided against it:

“My management, promoter, and record label all wanted Phil. Phil’s a good friend, but I always thought he wasn’t the right guy. It has nothing to do with his ability; I just knew he wasn’t the right fit. When you hear Mark on this record, you’ll know that’s the guy.”

For the production of his new album, ‘From Hell I Rise,’ King worked with Josh Wilbur, known for his work with Trivium, Korn, Gojira, and Lamb Of God.

The album is set to release on May 17.

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