KERRY KING To Play SLAYER Covers With His Solo Band Live, But Only Ones He Wrote

Kerry King and his new band are gearing up for their first European tour this June, promising a mix of classic Slayer tracks and his own compositions. However, King is adamant about not just cashing in on Slayer’s catalog. In a recent interview, he mentioned that while he respects Jeff Hanneman’s contributions, he prefers to focus on songs he had a role in creating.

For this summer tour, we’re planning to perform around nine or ten tracks from the album, along with some of my own work from Slayer or collaborations,” King explained. “I want to avoid any backlash about playing only Jeff’s songs, even though I cherish them. I’ll save ‘Angel Of Death’ for a later time, considering the online negativity.”

Regarding covers, King hinted at the possibility but hinted that they might save that for later dates. “We’ve discussed covering songs, but for now, we’re sticking to music from bands that aren’t active anymore,” he shared. “Songs like ‘Ace Of Spades’ that hold significance but aren’t in regular rotation by the original bands. That’s the kind of energy I want us to bring.

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