DAVE MUSTAINE: The Future Of Metal Is Bright “As Long As People Make Good Records”

According to Dave Mustaine, the future of metal looks bright as long as bands keep putting out quality music.

In a recent interview with Diario El Salvador, Mustaine talked about metal’s ups and downs. He mentioned a tough time in the ’90s when many musicians claimed to be metal but didn’t really fit the bill, which he feels hurt the metal scene. However, he sees this as a temporary setback and is optimistic about metal’s current state, praising the strong and passionate community.

When asked about the current thrash metal scene by Lucía Sapena of Paraguay’s Trece channel last month, Mustaine acknowledged the vast variety of subgenres in metal. He mainly focuses on Megadeth’s direction amidst this diverse landscape.

Mustaine attributes Megadeth’s lasting success to honesty. He believes in being true to oneself and not pretending to be superior to others. Despite acknowledging there are better singers and guitarists out there, he appreciates his own talents, values the friendships he’s made, and loves what he does.

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