KERRY KING Expresses Surprise At Not Being Invited To Join Another Band Following SLAYER’s Disbandment: ‘I Don’t Suck!’

Kerry King was surprised that no bands reached out after SLAYER disbanded. In a recent Metal Hammer issue, he joked about expecting invitations from other bands but not receiving any.

“I got a reputation! I don’t suck!” he laughed. “I thought maybe MERCYFUL FATE might come knocking, but no. I was like, ‘What the hell is going on here?’

King also considered having Phil Anselmo from PANTERA as the vocalist for his new band at the time. They exchanged material and talked, but it didn’t go further due to communication challenges.

“I knew what the right decision was. I was just waiting for it to fall into my lap.”

His debut solo album, From Hell I Rise, releases on May 17. It features Mark Osegueda from DEATH ANGEL, Paul Bostaph from SLAYER, Kyle Sanders from HELLYEAH, and Phil Demmel.

SLAYER, after their last tour in 2019, will headline at Riot Fest, Louder Than Life, and Aftershock Festival. King commented on the SLAYER reunion, calling it a celebration rather than a return to recording or touring.

Regarding his relationship with Tom Araya, King mentioned they don’t communicate much but remain professional. They have different interests and outlooks but can work together when needed.

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