SLIPKNOT Debuts New Masks & New Drummer Live

Slipknot‘s latest gig in 2024 marked a monumental occasion for fans. It was their first performance of the year and marked the debut of their new drummer, likely former Sepultura member Eloy Casagrande. This show also kicked off their tour for the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album.

The highlight of the night? Their revamped masks, reminiscent of their iconic late ’90s look, perfectly capturing the essence of their debut era. The venue, Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA, provided an intimate setting for this explosive return.

Here’s a peek at their electrifying setlist:
– “People = Shit”
– “Eyeless”
– “Disasterpiece”
– “Before I Forget”
– “Custer”
– “Psychosocial”
– “The Heretic Anthem”
– “Unsainted”
– “Wait and Bleed”
– “Prosthetics”
– “Vermilion”
– “Duality”
– “Spit It Out”
– “Surfacing”

And about those whispers of Eloy Casagrande joining the band? The clues are adding up, from the distinctive white Tama drums seen on stage to eagle-eyed fans spotting matching tattoos. Take a look at the buzzworthy footage of Casagrande’s killer performance with Slipknot below.

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