Wolfgang Van Halen On Michael Anthony: ‘No Hatred Or Competition Between Us’

The long-awaited reunion between Wolfgang Van Halen and Michael Anthony was truly a family affair. When Anthony surprised Wolfgang backstage in Las Vegas, the two hadn’t seen each other in over two decades, setting aside any lingering tensions following Wolfgang’s replacement of Anthony in Van Halen.

“People try to make it seem like there’s animosity or competition, but it’s never been that way,” Wolfgang told Ultimate Classic Rock. His Instagram tribute to Anthony as “family” reinforces that bond, and now he’s elaborating: “I’ve literally always loved Mike…it was a pleasure and joy to reconnect.”

Fans might not realize the connection goes back long before Wolfgang’s teen years touring with Van Halen. Anthony was tight with Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang’s mother, Valerie Bertinelli, making the backstage reunion even more special. Both Wolfgang and Anthony were joined by other family members as well, transforming the moment into something bigger than just two former bandmates.

“It was like a family reunion,” Wolfgang enthused, a feeling likely amplified by the loss of his father. While they had plans to meet prior, the Vegas timing made it extra poignant. In his Loudwire Nights interview, Wolfgang called the reunion “very wonderful,” his heartfelt reaction showing this was no mere polite get-together.

Now, Wolfgang is charging ahead with a packed schedule – touring, writing that third Mammoth WVH album, and prepping his EVH guitar line. But it’s clear that reconnecting with a piece of his musical legacy, the man who held down the bass before he did, was a meaningful moment he won’t soon forget.


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