Wolfgang Van Halen Says He Was Saving Eddie From Messing Up In VH Shows

In a recent chat with Drumeo, Wolfgang Van Halen discussed his role in Van Halen, particularly how he and his uncle, Alex Van Halen, had to cover for Eddie Van Halen’s timing during performances.

“I think I saw you playing bass in 2012 on A Different Kind of Truth Tour with Van Halen playing, I guess, besides your uncle Alex. Were there any things that you picked up as a bass player or even as a drummer from being around someone like that who’s, I mean, a legend in the drum world?”

“Nothing specifically. I think it was just kind of learning how to lock in playing with other musicians. I think between locking in with Al and just jamming with him and then also, because my dad was bad at counting, so he’d come in early or come in late. And Al and I would like to swoop in and save him. He’d have no idea. So locking with Al but at the same time being that safety net for Pop if he ended a solo early or went a little long or something like that. Everybody counts in their own was [laughs].”

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