Brent Smith Praises Shinedown Fans As The Band’s Boss

Shinedown’s Brent Smith isn’t just giving lip service when he calls fans the band’s “only boss.” In a recent iHeartRadio interview, he described their relationship with the audience as a driving force behind Shinedown’s music and approach. This isn’t about pandering, but a fundamental belief that their work resonates because of that connection.

“Whether they’ve been there from the beginning or they’re just finding us, everyone’s welcome,” Smith explains. “That’s what rock ‘n’ roll is really about.” For Shinedown, the songs aren’t just about catchy riffs – there’s a mission to be honest, even when tackling tough subjects. “We’ve been talking about mental health for 20 years,” Smith stated, noting that the band’s openness strikes a chord now more than ever.

This commitment to authenticity, to giving every show “one hundred percent and beyond”, has earned them a fiercely loyal following. The recent success of “A Symptom of Being Human”, their record-breaking 21st Active Rock #1, is a testament to how those positive messages resonate. Even the music video for “Daylight” became a love letter to the fans, further reinforcing that bond.

There’s a refreshing lack of cynicism in Smith’s words. While many bands talk the talk about fan appreciation, Shinedown’s longevity and the singer’s heartfelt comments suggest this is more than just a PR strategy – it’s the core of why they continue to create.

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