TOOL Played “Flood” For The First Time Since 2011 Last Night

Yesterday, January 12, Tool performed at Madison Square Garden for the first of two nights, and fans were treated to two awesome goodies. For the first time, Tool performed the Undertow song “Flood” to end the concert and “Schism” to begin the set for the first time since 2011. The entire program went like this:

  1. “Fear Inoculum”
  2. “The Pot”
  3. “Rosetta Stoned” (With “Lost Keys” intro)
  4. “Pneuma”
  5. “Intolerance”
  6. “Descending”
  7. “The Grudge”
  8. “Chocolate Chip Trip”
  9. “Flood” (First live performance since 2011)
  10. “Invincible”
  11. “Schism” (First time as show closer)


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