DANNY CAREY Names The Most Challenging TOOL Songs To Perform Live: “I Had To Seriously Breathe”

Touring with Tool is no walk in the park, especially when it comes to choosing which songs to play each night. Danny Carey, the drummer, spilled the beans to Rick Beato about how they craft their setlists and the toll touring can take on them, especially Maynard James Keenan, the lead vocalist.

According to Carey, Maynard has a big say in the setlist. They prioritize their latest album but also consider what Maynard’s voice can handle, given the older songs they might want to include. It’s not just about what they like but also what’s relevant and what fans want. Maynard gets to pick some older tunes based on what’s happening in the world and what feels right.

But it’s not just Maynard’s vocals that matter; the physicality of playing their instruments is a challenge too. Carey mentioned how demanding it is, especially when your body is your instrument. He’s still confident in his drumming abilities but admits he might not have the same energy as before.

Some songs are tougher to perform live, especially when they’re back-to-back. Carey recalled a tough sequence they had to rearrange in their setlist to manage the physical strain better.

He also talked about how some drum parts evolve over time, making them tricky to keep consistent. Learning and relearning songs for tours is part of the deal, especially when they haven’t played certain tracks in years.

Overall, touring with Tool is demanding, both physically and creatively, but it’s a challenge they’re willing to take on for the love of their music and fans.

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