Tim ”Ripper” Owens Would Replace Phil Anselmo For A PANTERA Show

During a recent interview with Metal Pilgrim, vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens was once again asked about the possibility of stepping in for Phil Anselmo in a Pantera performance.

Tim expressed his willingness, saying:

“Absolutely, I’d be up for doing some shows, but honestly, there are other singers who might be better suited for that role in that genre, even though I can rock it pretty well; it’s one of my favorite styles to sing. And I have a deep admiration for Pantera.

The truth is, they won’t be replacing anyone else in the band, and if they ever did, they’d likely choose someone who has a closer connection to the original members. It seems they are aiming for a family and friends atmosphere, so I believe they’d opt for someone with stronger ties to the Pantera legacy.”

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