John 5 Picks The Best Metallica Album

In a recent interview with Radioactive MikeZ, the former Rob Zombie and current Mötley Crüe guitarist, John 5, was posed with the choice between Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘Ride The Lightning,’ and he unequivocally favored the former. Offering insight into his preference, he highlighted the exceptional production quality of ‘Master Of Puppets,’ emphasizing its enduring brilliance.

Expressing admiration for the 1986 album, John 5 underscored its enduring appeal, describing it as a perfect record with exceptionally well-written and executed songs. He attributed much of the album’s allure to its unparalleled production, asserting that even today, it stands as a testament to perfection in sound.

The guitarist delved into the album’s aesthetics, praising the beautiful and iconic cover art, particularly commending the artwork for ‘Master Of Puppets’ as a “gorgeous” piece of art.

Reflecting on his personal history with Metallica, John 5 reminisced about briefly working for the band in the late ’80s when he was still a teenager. Recalling interactions with members such as Lars Ulrich, he shared amusing anecdotes of engaging in friendly antics and performing various odd jobs for the band, emphasizing their kindness.

The conversation extended to the recent appearance of Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things.’ John 5 acknowledged the show’s influence in reviving the popularity of the song, attracting a new generation of fans. He referenced a fan’s attempt to ‘gatekeep’ the band, expressing dissatisfaction with newer audiences discovering the music through the show. Despite this, John 5 conveyed Metallica’s welcoming attitude, affirming that everyone is embraced in the Metallica Family, regardless of their entry point into the band’s music.

The interview provided a comprehensive exploration of John 5’s appreciation for Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets,’ from its musical brilliance and production quality to its lasting impact on new generations of listeners.

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