The one concert Geddy Lee called “a dream come true”

Meta Description: Discover Geddy Lee’s admiration for The Who and how their music influenced Rush’s iconic sound. Learn about Lee’s insights on John Paul Jones and his memorable performance with The Who for charity.

Geddy Lee’s Admiration for The Who: A Deep Dive into Musical Influence

Geddy Lee possesses one of the most in-depth and complex understandings of music. His ability to expand sound and add depth to fleeting ideas has led to the creation of some of the most exciting prog-rock albums ever made. Rush’s success speaks for itself; whether they craft intricate song odysseys or radio-friendly snippets, the band produces excellence consistently.

Influences that Shaped Geddy Lee

To reach his current level, Lee has developed a broad taste in music, applying it to the complex sound he created. One significant influence was Led Zeppelin. Lee admires John Paul Jones, describing him as the key to the band’s success. “The thing that held the whole thing down was John Paul Jones’ bass playing,” Lee said. “No matter how wild ‘How Many More Times’ gets, there’s John Paul Jones just holding it all down in such a fluid way.”

The Impact of The Who on Geddy Lee

Another major influence on Lee was The Who. This band provided a new perspective on what an album could be, dismantling the popular mindset that albums were just collections of songs. The Who demonstrated how to create hits that connected, providing in-depth narratives and tapping into various human emotions.

Geddy Lee and Rush took inspiration from The Who, creating albums with a clear tone and cohesive narrative. Each Rush LP aimed to achieve something specific, taking lessons from The Who about crafting albums that run as one cohesive piece while applying their definitive prog-rock style.

A Dream Come True: Performing with The Who

Due to their influence, it was a particular honor for Geddy Lee when The Who asked him to play with them for charity. Though it wasn’t with the original lineup, Lee still regards it as one of his best gigs. “A few months ago, I was invited to join The Who Band in London for a charity event celebrating The Who’s 50th anniversary,” he said. “I had the great pleasure to work with Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend, raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust in England.”

Lee described the gig as a dream come true. “For me, it was a dream come true, even though not all the original guys are there. This band was so important in shaping me into what I am today. It was a great thrill to be on stage with them and play a song with them.”

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