Dave Grohl on the coolest rock star of all time: “One of the most badass figures in rock history”

Meta Description: Discover why Dave Grohl admires Pete Townshend’s coolness and influence in rock music. Explore Grohl’s insights on The Who guitarist’s swagger and impact.

Dave Grohl on the Coolness of Pete Townshend

The coolness of any rock star is often overlooked when forming their first bands. While mastering a guitar lick in a bedroom is crucial, the swagger onstage makes fans return for more. Dave Grohl, known for his relatable rock persona, acknowledges the coolness dripping from Pete Townshend.

Dave Grohl’s Admiration for Pete Townshend

Given Grohl’s background, it’s no surprise he cites someone from The Who as a major influence. As Nirvana’s wild drummer, Grohl’s manic energy on classic songs echoed the styles of Keith Moon and John Bonham.

However, Pete Townshend was the heart of The Who. Instead of writing surefire hits, Townshend took audiences on a journey to explore his state of mind. While some attended shows for fun, others might discover profound meanings.

Breaking the Mold with Pete Townshend

Townshend pioneered beyond typical love songs, unlike many bands chasing chart success. While The Beatles paved the way, Townshend often avoided love lyrics, creating grand declarations like “My Generation” and storytelling epics like Tommy.

Grohl’s View on Townshend’s Swagger

Grohl believes Townshend had unmatched swagger. In a Melody Maker interview, he named Townshend the coolest rock star, alongside Paul Weller. Grohl praised Townshend as “one of the coolest, most bad-ass rock’n’roll figures of all time.”

Although Grohl also admired Weller, he likely absorbed most of his rock star knowledge from listening to Townshend growing up. Even without being The Who’s lead singer, Townshend’s silhouette doing his trademark windmill strum is iconic, much like Muhammad Ali’s triumph over Sonny Liston in sports.

The Essence of Coolness in Rock

Being cool isn’t just about appearances. It’s about actions. Townshend’s loud, abrasive style with The Who resonated globally. Despite late 1970s criticism of rock bands being soft, The Who earned respect from punks.

Grohl may not write sweeping rock operas like Townshend, but that’s fine. Townshend’s greatest lesson for rock and roll is to always be yourself when expressing your heart’s true feelings.

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